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Alliance Horde
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672300 670021 101517 dfa55a
b1b8b1 376700 092a5d ffffff
004867 516700 5d094f 54370a
00671f 808080 006757 636700
Choose Border Color
672300 670021 006793 ffffff
675600 f9cc30 54370a 674500
0f1415 63a300 00317c 00671f
639400 7b0067 6d0077 008e90
Choose Background Color
b1002e 9e0036 006391 232323
ffffff 003582 ff38fa 4f2300
646464 a30068 ffb317 fc6891
b4bba8 875513 d7ddcb ff891b
009061 d34ac8 ae4b00 21dcff
bcf61b 88ba03 1ef7c1 860f9a
2c6aae ff2088 808080 00820f
9b00a6 ff1fbf e14500 ad29ac
c49b00 588000 8e9700 1eff68
c900c3 009dc5 fffc14 4d8eda
f68700 e3f618 b7c003 ffff14
bd005b 04c347 c58132 d30087
04b78f d8dd00 f3ca00
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